about me

Dipping her magic brush into oils and acrylics, Dutch born MoVan breathes life into her artistic visions. Adeptly she transforms blank canvasses into colorful luminous scenes that celebrate the excitement and romanticism of the human imagination, bringing it into reality. Viewing works of successful artists, MoVan studied their distinctive techniques and styles, molding them into her own personal concept. A harmonious blending of chiaro-scuro—lumi nous light and mystic shadow, plus inundated color and nuances, add a very alluring fascination to her impressionistic and sece ding from conventionality quasi bohemian creations. The ambiance is decidedly European—a reflection of her childhood in Holland.
However, talent alone does not an artist make. Instead, it is the freedom of perspective expression, the ability to paint with fearless abandon, undressing emotions in the eye of every beholder engaged in a sensual relationship with one of her paintings.
A certain defiance of rules once so religiously enforced liberates MoVan’s creative genius to be what it was born to be—a free spirit. At the core of her paintings is a passionate bliss that awards an undeniable lightheartedness, holding the viewer mesmerized and involved in the life animated on the canvass.
“Though I am serious about my art, I have fun whenever I pick up my brush,” MoVan says.
“Sharing this joy and delight through my work is my ultimate goal. When others respond to my paintings, I feel I’ve fulfilled “art” as I define it.”